Should car insurance be sold in supermarkets, like potatoes and baked beans?

Imagine a situation where you have no control over the kind of car insurance cover you buy. Just walk into an insurance firm or brokerage agency, state your intentions, give a few details about your car and the insurance representative dishes outs what they assume to be the perfect policy for you. Well, that is more or less what happened in the past, long before the internet made car insurance comparison shopping so much easier. Motorists were at the mercy of car insurance companies and had to go with whatever rate was quoted first. If rates in the first company you walked into seemed too high for you, you walked out and checked into a different company to try your luck. Pretty much like we shop in supermarkets and stores.

But thanks to comparison sites, motorists now have access to all the information they need to help them choose between car insurance policies, so that they end up with the best. What a comparison site does is provide a platform to find quotes from as many insurance companies as one wants. They go ahead and make it easy for you to compare quotes so you can know the exact features included in each quote. You won't get that in a supermarket!

Comparison sites are all about customizing quotes. They consider every important detail that would affect the kind of policy you get. By using a comparison site, two people driving the same car model but with different manufacturing dates will get different quotes, even when their driving profiles are similar.

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There are many advantages of using a car insurance comparison site. The first is that you have access to a high number of quotes, much higher than you would find if you searched using conventional methods. You are also able to get quotes from different insurance companies, right from the leading insurers in the country to the newest players in the industry. Because all these companies are competing for customers, they can give lower quotes than the average offline market price. This is largely because of the low cost involved in sealing an online deal. For this, comparison sites can be the best place to look for cheap car insurance quotes.

Many insurance companies give additional discounts for using a comparison site. If you buy one of their policies through a comparison site, you get a discount off the original quoted price. This means more savings for you.

Supermarkets are great places to buy biscuits or tinned peaches from. But for car insurance, perhaps best stick to price comparison sites.

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